The certified public accountants of Weslaco’s Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals in the financial world. Whether serving the financial needs of an individual or small business, we help our clients eliminate stress by taking the guesswork out of financial planning.


“There at the beginning and with you till the end.”

Everybody needs a little bit of help from time to time, and Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. can make sure that jumpstart is as bright as possible. That’s why our financial planning and services are designed to get your business up and running.

Financing Your Business

Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. knows that business is booming in the Rio Grande Valley and sometimes a little financial assistance can go a long way. That’s when a loan comes in handy.

Our financing experts know that the application process can be complicated and tedious if you’re not fully prepared. But we want to help you make those entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

By providing assistance in obtaining the financing necessary to undertake that lifelong venture, Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. will make sure your paperwork is squared away so you can move on to the important things – like opening those business doors for the first time.


Planning Your Business’
Financial Projections

Starting a business is only half the battle. The real challenge arises when you need to maintain your business finances. That’s why specific goals, plans, metrics, and analysis need to be set in place so you can face those challenges when they come your way.

Our Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. CPAs can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your business so that an appropriate plan can be developed for financial projections. Thinking ahead means surviving.

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Financial Advisors for
Business Success

Sometimes limits are necessary. By having guidelines on business expenditures, financial struggle for small business can be avoided.

With the help of a skilled financial officer, business can worry less about limitations, and more about growth.

If you’re searching for tax consultants who know the Federal and State systems thoroughly, then look no further than Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc., servicing South Texas and the Greater Rio Grande Valley.

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